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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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things were twisting and i took a deep breath and thought, i'm alive. 91 people reportedly dead and block after block of an oklahoma city suburb flattened as crews all morning and all through the night sifting through the wreckage for any sign of life. good morning. 6:00, thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> it is called a monster tornado. at least a half a mile wide with winds up to 200 miles per hour. in the town of moore, about ten miles south of oklahoma city, at least 91 people are dead including 20 children. many of them students and teachers at two elementary schools that took a direct hit. >> we had to pull a car out of the front hallway off a teacher and i don't know what that lady's name is but she had three little kids underneath her. >> simply tragic.
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120 people recover at local hospitals, this death toll is devastating. we turn now to "today in the bay's" jay gray, live with the very latest. good morning. want to give you an example of some of the devastation and debris that teams have been working throughout the night and now into the morning. what we have seen with the first light, heavy equipment and dozers and backhoes moving in to move a lot of this into areas, pile it up so eventually, it can be removed here. what we are also seeing this morning is more activity, more families that are getting out. some getting a look for the first time at what's happened here, the second day, the day after gets here. >> overnight, emergency teams continued to search for survivors working through miles of debris in an area leveled by this massive tornado. >> this is not good. >> this is terrible. this is war zone terrible. >> the funnel was more than a mile wide and on the ground for close to an hour.
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>> when you see a tornado that big, you find that you have no choice. it is either find cover or die. >> even some who rush to shelter could not escape the wrath of the storm. >> it got louder. you see the lights coming undone and we couldn't reach for it. >> injured victims were pulled from the debris that is scattered scattered across more than 20 miles here. entire neighborhoods and communities seared away from what initial reports indicate was an ef-4 tornado with winds pushing 200 miles an hour. >> the storm field was so big, we had a massive amount of areas, almost 20 miles, from what i understand it. some areas, almost two miles wide of homes and businesses that were lost. >> two elementary schools took a direct hit. some of the children were pulled from the wreckage. we now know at least 20 students
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were among the dozens killed. while at a school just off the track of the tornado, students say they could still feel its intensity. >> actually, it went past. i could see the debris flying over. it sounded like a train. >> you could hear every bit of it. it was scary. emotions that like so much here are still exposed and raw. >> specially for the is your vifrts who have already been pushed past their limits, specially in areas like this one that are the hardest hit. that is the latest live here from oklahoma city. i'm jay gray. now, back to you. all right, jay. thank you very much. a lot of people right here in the bay area unfamiliar with tornadoes except for what you are seeing on tv. there are some local connections to the recent devastation. a student was nearby when the tornado touched down. "today in the bay's" marla tallez is in the newsroom and continues our team coverage. good morning. the simpson family of
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pacifica is resting much easier knowing that their daughter is alive and well. for a while, they weren't so sure. 20-year-old melissa simpson is the student aat the university of oklahoma in norman. only about 15 miles from the devastated city of moore. she was there hours before the disaster struck. she heard the warning sirens going up. as she put it, that is just springtime in oklahoma. everything seemed fine. when she made it back to campus, she knew she had to pay the attention to those sirens. >> everyone was getting really freaked out. i think i'm definitely going to take them a lot more seriously now. >> melissa and her friends took shelter on campus while her mother pacifica was desperate to hear from her. once she did, it almost made the unknown even worse. >> she was telling me how horrible it was. actually, i lost the phone connection which my heart just stopped. >> of course, melissa was just
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fine, as you can imagine. phone connections aren't the most reliable there right now. today, melissa says she is getting trained by the red cross, because she wants to volunteer and help in the massive cleanup that's now underway. jon? that's a great story. thank you very much. president obama also getting involved in the response to this disaster. this is a photo of the president making a call to the governor of oklahoma. we will have the specific details about how capitol hill is responding to all this devastation going on down in oklahoma. that will be coming up at 6:30. we are also sending our very own jody hernandez down to oklahoma. she will have a live report coming up tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 and during "today in the bay" starting at 5:00 a.m. >> the storm that hit that area was so large and the winds were so strong. christina loren, you have been taking a look at it. >> that's what they are trying to determine, how fast those wind speeds were when this tornado touched down and ripped
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out a path, carved out a path of destruction two miles wide and 20 miles long. we zoom in and show you exactly what i'm talking about. watch where the little circle goes. that's how wide the path of the tornado was. reports of a tanker truck picked up and catapulted over a mile. just an indication of how powerful this storm system was. what i can tell you is, we just received word from the oklahoma lieutenant governor. todd land said some of the children drowned in the basement where they were ducking for cover. some children still believed to be trapped at this hour at plaza elementary school. search crews, the effort is to find people who may still be alive trapped under all that debris. if the sun comes up, it is so devastating. we are going to continue to show you these live pictures. there are piles of cars and trucks on one and another up to about 10 feet high, about 50 feet high in some parts and it is just kind of overwhelming.
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all this information coming in right now. it is devastating. these schools were well-built, made of concrete. one of which was totally leveled this morning. so kids had to walk for miles over debris where their communities used to stand once it was safe to leave. we'll continue to update you on this situation. we are so lucky to be waking up in california this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you, jon. i did want to touch quickly on the commute. even though it is a traffic tuesday, it is pretty light right now. san mateo bridge toll plaza, we do have debris reported. we are watching the flow. so far, the bridge itself looks okay. the map we will show you coming off of the east bay, hayward side, we see a very smooth drive. as i mentioned, tuesday, we expect to see more traffic flowing throughout the east bay. right now, no major slowing. wee will show you the flow across the bridge. the dumbarton bridge, moving very smoothly for highway 84. peninsula, no delays, no
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problems for 101 or 280. we will look at slowdown just south of the dumbarton bridge. approaching stevenson, an earlier crash has moved to the shoulder. we still have some activity and distraction. a second crash might be there near the auto mall parkway on ramp. we're watching. it doesn't sound like lanes are blocked and traffic creates a little smoother flow of heading south. we also showed the south bay with your build northbound north of 680. that's about it for now. about now should be when the second burst comes through the south bay for 101 and highway 87. we will give you a quick look outside. the backup because of the metering lights are turned on, nothing severe as far as the approach. we end with this shot. appreciate it. it is 6:08 right now. let's take a live look outside. that is santa clara. a live look inside the 49ers brand new stadium that is
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currently under construction just hours from now. we will find out if, in fact, that structure will be hosting the 2016 super bowl. that is super bowl 50. "today in the bay's" bob redell live outside the stadium in santa clara. good news is, we are hours away from a big-time announce. huge for the niners and the bay area. >> reporter: right now, it seems the 49ers are the favorite to be hosting super bowl l come 2016. they are up against miami in south florida. south florida does have the better weather during the super bowl time period, late january, early february but the 49ers have something the dolphins don't have, that big building right there behind me, this massive structure going up in santa clara, the 49ers brand new $1.2 billion stadium that will be ready in time for the 2014 season. before the nfl owners vote later this morning at their spring meeting in boston, the 49ers are expected to make one last pitch to host super bowl 50.
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it will be a presentation highlighting the fact the new levi's stadium will be the most technologically advanced. allowing fans to do everything from their smart phones, from buying food, to entering the park without a paper ticket. the team plans to commit some of the money to raise the poor. miami seemed to have a pretty good shot at hosting super bowl 50 in 2016 until plans fell through to renovate its football stadium. they were hoping to raise $350 million needed for the new renovations with a new hotel tax. the state of florida put the kibosh on that earlier this month. the owners will also be voting to'6[ see who hosts 51. the loser of 50 would be competing against houston for the privilege of hosting 51. here is the rundown. 32 nfl owners participating in the vote. that's supposed to be taking place later this morning. there needs to be a super majority. you are looking at 24 of 32 of
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those owners for the team to win. so the 49ers would need 24 owners, 24 votes in their favor to host super bowl 50. the announcement expected to come down at 11:00 a.m. if the niners do get that right to host super bowl 50, this would be the first time the bay area has hosted a super bowl in, let's see, 29 years, 28 years. the last time was 1985, stanford stadium. reporting live here in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thats was a fun one too. luxury layover. we are going to tell you about the four-star hotel that could be built just steps away from a bay area airport. apple's ceo, tim cook, on capitol hill this morning, testifying about taxes and we'll abre break it up for you coming up. hospital workers walk off the job. we'll give you a live look and tell you the emergency service will be impacted there at ucff. ♪
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natural a.c. today, beautiful pacific air. it means temperatures will tumble by about 20 degrees from yesterday's highs and then things change yet again. we will take you to those changes. the seven-day outlook is coming up next. changes in the works. all these cars an indication of your traffic commute starting to kick in. this traffic tuesday, not your typical. we will show you how there is a changeup today in today's traffic flow. time now for a checkf the day's top stories. rescuers continue their search for survivors in oklahoma this morning after that massive tornado ripped through the town of moore. at bw least 91 are dead, inclu 20 schoolchildren trying to take
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shelter. >> workers at all five medical centers, including ucsf hitting the streaks today. starts two days of striking as workers protest retirement cuts. replacement workers have been brought in. emergency care will not be shut down. nfl team owners vote on who gets to host super bowl l. the bay area is the favorite to win the bid due to the brand new santa clara stadium scheduled for xleex necompletion next yea. tim cook testifying about his company's uncanny ability to avoid american income tax. >> a senate report says apple is able to keep billions of dollars overseas. tax laws that are hard for even congress to understand. it really is. congress has asked harvard and
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villanova professors to advise them during some of the tax testimony. those professors are advising the people that wrote the tax law what the tax law says. apple has not been accused of any crime but playing this tax game so well, the congress is saying, maybe we should change the rules like baseball players taking advantage of the infield fly rule to win the world series. the umpires are sitting those baseball players down and saying, just what did you do right there? that unbelievably bad analogy in mind, let's bring in a relief pitcher. christie smith is live at cupertino with an update. good morning, kristy. >> reporter: the company they are saying doesn't use gimmicks. basically, apple pays all of its
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required taxes in the united states and abroad. apple released testimony that cook is going to be giving a little later in washington, d.c. according to one report, apple was basically able to avoid paying about $12.5 billion in u.s. taxes by having billions in profits and dividends from overseas operations made payable to apple's irish subsidiary. for tax purposes, they don't really reside anywhere. the report says it has paid almost no money on billions of dollars in income from that entity. the subcommittee doesn't accuse apple of breaking any laws and cook says that apple is likely the largest corporate income taxpayer in the united states with a tax rate of about 30.5%. he says apple welcomes an objective examination of u.s. corporate taxes. code and system. he is even recommending some reforms on his own again. that expected to get underway in the next 30 minutes.
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that's what we have here. >> christie, thank you. you may hear the term, check the box, tossed around during today's testimony. it is the name used to describe the entities that a big company like apple sets up to reduce taxes. the name actually comes from a special tax form created by the irs where you do literally check a box. the system was set up in the '90s. everybody, congress, irs, big business, all realized this thing was flawed. getting it repealed has turned object to be difficult. w silicon valley companies have been through this. last year, hewlett-packard spent its time with some of the very same testimony in front of some of the very same people. h.p. saying what apple is saying now. you guys set up the rules. we are following them in a way that maybe you didn't expect. h.p. points out 65% of its sales
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don't take place inside america. here in silicon valley, you will find irs lawyers with their own offices inside businesses like h.p. the way faa inspectors work at united or meat inspectors work at a packing plant making sure those companies are actually following the law. >> it is 6:19 right now. let's get back with meteorologist, christina loren, who has been telling us we can expect cool of 20 degrees up in the area. >> it was6z hot. >> we used a kiddy pool is what we used. >> you know what, that is a great idea. >> that's a great idea specially as you are starting to think about the summertime. kids are going to be off school. 6:19 taking a live look. what a beautiful start to the day. the natural a.c. is the reason why temperatures are going to fall so much today. i'm talking about 15-20 degrees. you will notice the difference. this morning, it's not that
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obvious. the temperatures are just about as cool as we were at this time yesterday. by the end of the day, 4:00 p.m., it is going to be really nice. we hit the 90s yesterday. today, because of a natural coolant, only touching on the low 70s. let's take you through your hour by hour detail for today. 54 right now. 56, oakland. 53, san francisco. a nice start to the day. 54 in san mateo. winds are still rather strong. they are actually picking up. they are going to continue to pick up as we head throughout the day. sustained speed of 13 miles an hour in san francisco. winds out of the west. 60 miles an hour in oakland. that is strong enough to knock you around in your high-profile vehicle. those winds will increase as we head through the evening hours. you can see the strongest wind gusts where you are getting the hot pink readings around the marin and sonoma county coastline. it is going to be pretty blustery between 12:00 and 7:00. 73 degrees. you can't beat that. you don't need that a.c. today.
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69, fremont. 71 in san jose. 72 in redwood city. down from 80 downtown yesterday to 62 degrees today. wednesday, into thursday, we stay cool. that natural a.c. pumps on thursday. we might get a stray shower. up in the north bay, nothing too substantial. somewhere around the vicinity of .100 of an inch. keeping nice and comfortable throughout the next couple of days. two storm systems keeping things cool. by monday, high pressure builds back in. that means we have a warmer day ahead for memorial day. hopefully, you have that day off. if not, we will be here to help you get through it. hi, mike. >> we are here right now to get through traffic tuesday. the upcoming three-day weekend christina is talking about sometimes throws a could go into the works, which is actually sometimes a good thing on a busy traffic day like today. we see a lighter flow of traffic. that might be the case for the next couple of days this week.
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folks might have tried to tack on a couple of extra days. so far, 101 shows a mild slowdown. 87 showed some signs of slowdown. it kind of cleared up. watch for downtown for 87 and 280. over the course of the last few minutes, we have seen major service streets, expressways and el camino real heading through downtown. we have seen the slowdowns happen on the surface streets. they are built for congestion. on south 880 has been a problem as you are heading down through fremont out of union city. a crash now off to the shoulder. a second crash reported somewhere around auto mall and the on ramp. it has never showed any slowdown. we are waiting for that to clear from chp report. it hasn't proven to be an issue as far as the traffic flow going southbound. 238. that's mission boulevard coming through fremont. the on ramp.
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watch for that heading through irvington spes if you cannily. down 680 through sunol, a smoother, slower drive out of pleasanton. a little slowing heading up towards 580. we'll track that. no unusual incidents reported. nice, smooth drive heading over towards the bridges, san mateo and dumbarton looking okay. we haven't seen any problems. a little tremble for the camera. not a problem. no wind advisories here. the eastshore freeway moves smoothly underneath university avenue. the metering lights are on. a little slowing coming out of richmond into berkeley. thank you very much. 6:23. coming up, first class on your flight. four stars when you land. the luxury layover service about to be build ft for the bay area.
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you are watching "today in the bay." welcome back, everyone. "today," virgin american airlines celebrating a new service out of san francisco international airport. the airline will start flying daily nonstop flights to austin. the first flight takes off this morning at 9:15. we also want to update you the sfo is looking to possibly make big changes over the next ten years. airport officials discussing rebuilding terminals 1-3 along with boarding areas. they are also talking about building a new four-star luxury hotel.
6:27 am
the air force terminal 2 was recently renault va recently renovated for the record. this plan will be paid for with revenue bonds by the airport. still ahead, continuing coverage for the devastation in oakland and what you can do to help. >> what president obama is doing to help the community ripped apart by the deadly tornado. >> what they are doing, going piece by piece, block by block assessing the damage as they still try to look for survivors. we'll have a live report coming up.
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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. i had to hold on to the wall to keep myself safe, because i don't want to fly away in the tornado. two elementary schools simply demolisheded, neighborhoods flattened and now at least 24 people being
6:30 am
reported dead including children after a monster tornado ripped through an oklahoma city suburb. the medical examiner down there originally said 91 people were feared dead but just moments ago, they lowered that number to 24. so that is good news but it is still anz;$- in progress. very fluid out there and really, really tough. good morning. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. all night long, search crews used spotlights as they lifted bricks and collapsed walls hoping to hear survivors calling out for help from the wreckage. right now, more than 120 people are being treated at area hospitals near the down of moore, oklahoma. ten miles south of oklahoma city. beyond local first responders, federal resources now being sent to help in the search and rescue efforts. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington, d.c. with a look at how the obama administration is responding to this disaster. good morning, tracy. >> reporter: responding in force, laura. good morning, everyone.
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management teams, support teams, search and rescue teams and survivor assistance teams to help those people who have lost friends and loved ones and the children we have been talking so much about in oklahoma. we expect to hear more detail about the federal response in half an hour. president obama will be speaking here in washington about what the federal government is doing to send people and money and resources toward oklahoma to help with that effort. the president is also sending craig fugate. craig fugate is the head of fema, the federal emergency management agency. he is going to be on the ground helping to coordinate those efforts. it is not just fema. the small business association is getting involved. they have disaster assistance teams to do assessment on the ground. they will be offering low-cost loans. as a result of president obama signing a new disaster declaration overnight, five counties are now in line for federal assistance. some of that money could come pretty quickly as they try to
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get people in the area into some sort of temporary housing as a result of all this devastation, laura. >> it is just hard to believe. thank you very much, tracy. you know the devastation in oklahoma is so heart wrenching. today, relief organizations are trying to get the word out about how all of us can help. >> it is very important to do this. you can donate to the red cross disaster relief fund by calling 1-800-red cross. you can also text red cross to 9099 to donate $10. again, you can read those numbers on the screen to help out all the devastation. the salvation army is also accepting donations to fund mobile kitchens that will be set up in the area. i imagine they have to try to feed all these people. you can text the word storm to 80888 and that will donate $10. >> all the help will make a difference. we will have much more ahead on that devastation in oklahoma. right now, marla tallez live in our newsroom looking at the video coming in from that scene. she will be joining us at 6:45
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for a live report. we are also sending our own jody hernandez to oklahoma. she is going to have live reports tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 and during "today in the bay" tomorrow morning starting at 5:00 a.m. 6:33 right now. let's check back in with christina loren. she has been watching things very closely in oklahoma with everything they are dealing with on the ground. how is it looking now? >> guys, i can tell you, we are not out of the woods just yet when it comes to the threat of severe weather. today, we are talking about the continuation of strong storms firing off in the northeast and still the midwest as well. we are going to be watching that for you today. i did want to point out. right now, the national weather service is on the ground in oklahoma surveying the damage. they need to figure out how fast the wind was going to dictate exactly how strong this tornado was. wind speeds as high as 166 miles per hour so far have been confirmed. we still have children believed to be trapped at plaza towers elementary school. people are trapped out there. we are likely going to seat devastation for days to come from this tornado.
6:34 am
right now, they are out there looking for things like how far cars and tractors that were turned into projectiles traveled ho tornado was going. right now, we can tell you, carved a path 20 miles wide, 20 miles long, 2 miles wide at one point. the devastation is just horrible and we are going to continue to get those live pictures in throughout the morning. yeah, it is going to be a bad day out there for us. we have a whole other scenario. your local forecast in a minute. we want to talk to mike and see how your drive is shaping up on a traffic tuesday. good morning, folks. we will take you to fremont where this shows a little bit of haze. the change in weather is going to be a pleasant one. it is not causing any issues. there is a breeze kicking in on the peninsula. we will watch that getting into san francisco. on the east bay, my concern is this light traffic in fremont. we are at the camera. south 880 still slows past the scene. two earlier crashes at stevenson and the auto mall. slowdowns with the orange and
6:35 am
yellow in toward the mission area. the slowdown starting up in hayward that's typical. because of the congestion at stevenson, generally, a slower flow and the 50s as you are approaching dumbarton. slow drive for southbound nimitz many could go through the area. this slowdown means it cob a tough drive all morning for 880 heading into the south bay. 680 slowed through sunol. the big issue is 84 with that ild abo traffic slowing. we will see that continue to build past the golf course and heading over the hill. 580 slowed through dublin. a typical south 680 already slow from danville in toward alamo. we don't have any crashes or incidents reported. 680 at sycamore valley road, it gets congested. there may be something going on on the shoulder. be ready for that he sloing south from danville in toward allen. the bay bridge toll plaza, things are starting to build on
6:36 am
the approach coming off of west grand avenue. the metering lights are on. the span moves smoothly once you get through the toll lanes. you see the fast-track still providing you with half a minute, maybe a minute of advantage over the course of the entire backup. the south bay builds as well. 101 through san jose. we see slowing for north 101. i will show you the other spot, 87, 280 as they are developing for the morning commute. thank you very much. right now, we want to give you a little heads up here. a south bay scam in effect. one sunnyvale woman was the victim of a bug larry aftrglaryn came to her door pretending to be a contractor. she was so shaken up, her husband had to talk to nbc bay area for her. she led the contractor to her backyard and talked to him for 15 minutes about how to fix a fence. sunnyvale police think the whole thing was simply a distraction and while the two were out talking in the back, a second man entered that home and stole jewelry.
6:37 am
>> those guys just played with her in correlation with the other guys. it was a two-people job. >> the major mistake that woman did make, she did not ask for an i.d. which police tells everybody you should always do that with contractors a rash of vail lent crime in east palo alto prompting that city's police chief to declare a crime emergency. a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed. two other teens were hurt. police say that attack is one of more than 50 firearm assaults since january. starting today, east palo alto's police department will be under a crime emergency allowing the department to cancel days off and make patrol changes. the crime emergency will last 30 days. happening right now, apple's ceo, tim cook, traveling from coupe pcoupe per teen know to testify about taxes. he is expected to testify a
6:38 am
little bit later on. this is in progress as we give you a live look. the reports are that cupertino-based tech giant has avoided billions of dollars in taxes in the united states by using a web of offshore entities. that report sites a congressional investigation. so far, the inviestigators have not charged apple or accused them of crimes. tim cook will be on the stan. it's 6:38. still ahead, the agony of victory. we are going to tell you why the giants win also comes with a big loss. for our families...
6:39 am
our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories... america's beverage companies are delivering.
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welcome back, this, ladies and gentlemen, is going to leave a mark. giants pitcher, ryan vogelsong, slated to have surgery. he fractured his hand when he was hit by a pitch. that has to be painful. he is expected to miss 4-6 weeks trying to recover. vogelsong was pitching strong, five scoreless innings before he suffered that injury, helping the team to an 8-0 victory. >> it is 6:41. coming up, devastation in oklahoma. a big announcement just moments ago. as day breaks, the search for survivors becomes even more desperate in a town flattened by that powerful tornado. apple. ceo, tim cook, in washington
6:42 am
focused on taxes. your weather changing today. a 20-degree dropoff from yesterday's highs. those clouds moving in quickly. it is going to be breezy. then, we change yet again getting into memorial day weekend. your full forecast, that seven-day is up next. the breeze is moving the camera a bit. the high-rise, which you see here for the san mateo bridge, moving smoothly here. some haze in the air. i'm watching two of the major slowdowns for the east bay coming up.
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the tornado flattening homes and crushes at least two schools. "today in the bay's" marla tallez joings us with the latest on the search and rescue efforts. scary scene, marla. >> reporter: john, it absolutely is. if there is such a good thing as -- sorry. let me say that again. if there is such a thing as good news coming out of oklahoma, this is it. the state medical examiner's office has revised the death toll, as you said. it was as high as 91 people dead. that has dropped to 24 people confirmed dead. that includes seven children. initially, we had heard 20 children killed. now, that has been revised to seven children. a spokeswoman saying she believes some victims were counting twice. most of the devastation is in the city of moore, which has a population of just over 40,000
6:46 am
people. this video new into our newsroom. it shows houses toppled and properties that can loo li properties that look like garbage dumping sides. winds clocked at more than 200 miles an hour completely wiping out plaza towers elementary school where some students lost their lives. coming up, savannah and matt speak to survivors that truly are heroes. >> we pulled a bunch of people out. i kicked the door in just to save this one elderly lady and her grandkids and stuff. she had just gotten inside the house. she was still sin the living room. i don't know how she made it but she did. thank god. ten minutes before that, everything was perfectly fine. the sun was out. it is it was a pretty nice day. just out of nowhere, all these storms came in. the governor of oklahoma has deployed 80 national guard
6:47 am
members to help with rescue operations. they are helping crews search for survivors. he was able to make a statement. at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. tomorrow on "today in the bay," she will start reporting for us at 5:00 a.m. >> people that have never lived in that area, it is hard to fathom what it must be like with the size of the tornado that came through. >> it really is. you heard from the woman talking about it, it was nice and sunny one minute and boom. it sounds like a train. that's how people record it sounding like a train. i can't imagine all the parents out there. the kids were hunkering down trying to do what's right. >> there is nothing you can do. the timing just happened so quick. you know what? let's take a look at where we are watching for severe weather
6:48 am
as we head throughout the day today. mostly the threat of severe weather is going to shift to texas, north texas, southwest arkansas and all that red. you see that red just blowing up there. yellow is your severe line of storms. it will next move toward the northeast. we are talking about places like chicago also with the threat of severe weather as we head throughout the latter portion of today. we are not done just yet with this strong line of storms. it is that time of year. hey, you can never predict when something like that is going to happen. let's talk about what's happening in the bay area. a beautiful day shaping up, spellingsly specially if you thought yesterday was too hot. 54 degrees to start in livermore. 54 in san jose. take you along the east shore. looking pretty good in places like oakland where we are at about 70 degrees. in the heat of the day. you can't beat that in oakland. it is going to be really nice today. the reason why, the cool onshore flow. look at all the cities reporting wind out of the west.
6:49 am
the cool pacific air inland. we have a mix of sun and clouds for today. what's happening, storm system just to our north. that kicks up the instability, brings in the cloud cover gchlth to drive some pretty gusty winds as we head throughout the day today. as we head through thursday, another reinforcing shot of cool air. that means temperatures are going to stay put in the 70s just about where we are today. 73 for livermore. 69, fremont. 62 degrees in san francisco. getting into the next couple days. really not fluctuating all that much temperaturewise. we are going to keep a mix of sun and clouds. full deck of sun and clouds. all the way through sunday. we are going to warm you up just in time for memorial day. it might be warmer than 77 degrees inland on memorial day. right now, it doesn't look like high pressure is going to build in that quickly. however, things change. we will keep you updated each and every morning right here on "today in the bay." let's check the drive "today in the bay" with mike. >> things are changing even as we speak. being a traffic tuesday, we talk about a heavier volume of traffic. the heaviest for the week.
6:50 am
we are seeing a different flow. we have extra slowing, south 880 from hayward down toward the san mateo bridge. you expect that. south of there, a crash around tennyson. it sounds like things are moving quickly to the shoulder. it is an issue right now as folks are traveling and the build is just happening heading to union city. no problems on the span itself. an earlier crash at stevenson and another one at auto mall parkway causing this corridor to be slow causing this early backup out of union city and into fremont. south 880 from hayward into fremont. that's a tougher drive already. it is a smoother drive in through milpitas and into the south bay where your northbound routes, those are the congested spots. we are looking at 85 at the bottom of your screens. slow off of 87 and heading up towards saratoga. 87 along the entire stretch up into downtown as well. the surface streets bogging down. 101 from capital expressway to the airport. you expect that. capital expressway, almadon.
6:51 am
folks are heading through those is your sf surface streets. the pale low alto side shows us 101 northbound past the mall. a smooth drive and no problems inither direction. 101 or for 280 alodge tng the peninsula. we are looking toward the eastshore freeway westbound. your commute coming down underneath university avenue. it is smooth right here in berkeley. it does bog down a bit coming out of san pablo into richmond. we see speeds coming down at times down to 25. watch that merge. very congested and also at the toll plaza. you have the backup. still movement in the fast track lanes. that's pretty good, guys. back to you. always have to watch for pedestrians out there. today, new details about a san jose ped w jose pedestrian who was struck and killed while crossing a busy street on the city's east side. it happened just before 9:30 at white road and madeline drive not far from james lick high school. police say it appears the vic
6:52 am
testimony was in a crosswalk when it happened. the driver stopped at the scene and we are told is cooperating with investigators. police have not released the victim's name or details surrounding the crash. >> we can also tell you a search is underway this morning at golden gate park and along ocean beach for a missing bay to breaker's runner. 27-year-old bo rasmussen was last seen at noon sunday at the finish line of the race. he told his friends he was on his way to the beach for a little swim. that was the last time they saw him. his personal belongings were found in golden gate& park near the beach shachalet restaurant. we have a look look at uc san francisco. medical center workers plan on walking off the job. many l many elective surgeries have been canceled. the two-day strike centers on a proposed new pension plan that requires more employee
6:53 am
contributions. u.c. says it will bring in temporary replacements to ensure patients already in the hospital will receive proper care. >> right now, live to santa clara for a look at the brand new 49ers stadium under construction. it has been going up fast. we have been talking about that for weeks. we will be finding out if that will be the location and host for the super bowl 2016, super bowl 50. >> we think it will be. "today in the bay's" bob redell live outside the stadium in santa clara this morning. we are just hours away from the big announcement, bob. just over four hours from now, the nfl owners will be voting on whether the dolphins or the 49ers should be hosting super bowl l in 2016. conventional wisdom has the advantage going to the 49ers because of this structure behind me. their brand new $1.2 billion stadium going up here. it should be ready in time for the 2014 season.
6:54 am
the nfl owners will vote later this morning at their spring meeting in boston. the 49ers will be making one last pitch prior to the vote. a presentational high about the fact that the in you levi stadium would be the most technologically advanced in the country. allowing fans to do everything from the tips of their fingers on their smart phones from buying food to entering the park without a paper ticket. the team also plans to commit some of the money raised for the super bowl bid to help programs for the poor. that's another selling point there we are going to present. miami did seem to have a pretty good shot at hosting super bowl 50 until plans fell through to renovate its football stadium. the team was trying to raise $350 million with a new hotel tax. earlier this month, the state of florida put the ka woibosh on t. they will also have the vote to see who hosts super bowl li. if you don't get l, you are in the run for super bowl li at houston. they are voting later this
6:55 am
morning. you need a super majority to win. you need 24 of the 32 to win the rights to host super bowl 50. that announcement expected to come down at 11:00 this morning. if the 49ers do get this opportunity, this will be their first time hosting the super bowl since 1985. back when it was at stanford stadium. reporting live here in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." we're also watching testimony in washington, d.c. apple ceo, tim cook will testify shortly. super tax bull here. apple pays 1 out of every $40,in total corporate tax collected in the united states. one of the things that tim cook will remind the senate hearing this morning as he begins his testimony a short time from now. apple, after all, is the biggest taxpayer in the country. let's check in with christie smith. she is live at cupertino with a look ahead to cook's testimony. good morning.
6:56 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. well, tim cook is expected to appear with apple's cfo and the head of apple's tax operations to answer questions about the company's tax operation but cook has said already in a statement released that apple does not use tax gimmicks. as you said, what he is saying is it is likely the largest corporate income taxpayer in the u.s. about $6 billion paid last year alone. apple isn't accused of breaking in any laws here. under john mccain, they say that apple claims to be the largest u.s. corporate taxpayer but it is also among america's largest tax avoiders. his words. according to one report, apple was able to avoid paying $12.5 billion in u.s. taxes by having billions in profit and dividends from overseas operations made payable to apple's irish subsidiary. you may be hearing more about that later today. for tax purposes, they don't actually reside anywhere. cook says apple's tax rate is
6:57 am
about 30.5%. that apple welcomes an objective examination of the u.s. corporate tax system. he may be even making some recommendations of his own. scott, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you. some video coming in from room 106 at the dirkson office building in washington. this is carl levin, the michigan -- well, there is the crowd beginning to gather. carl levin is the michigan senator who is running this, a democrat. i don't think you would see the same sort of hearings in the house. remember, the senate is democratically controlled. we will continue to cover this throughout the day. in the meantime, 10:00 a.m., microsoft is going to announce a new examine bxbox. this is the first gaming company. video games very important to us in silicon valley. they make the chips that go into at least the old xbox. ea makes most of the game.
6:58 am
eight years after it bought the company, yahoo! is updating its picture site, flicker, this morning. offering a terabyte of photo storage. that works out to about a half a million photographs. if you are filling up your flicker account, you need to take fewer pictures. now, jon and laura, this announcement comes a day after yahoo! said it would take over tumbler. really excellent timing if maybe excellentle on yahoo!'s part showing under marissa myer, it can manage new properties well, updating things and hopefully keeping tumbler interesting for years to come. that's right. certainly, the markets are taking notice. >> the evolution. >> 6:58. a final check with christina to tell us what's happening outside on a tuesday. good morning. it is going to be a pretty nice day. you won't have to use your a.c. today. yesterday was pretty hot. this is probably a welcome change for some of you at least. 55 in livermore to start. 57 in oakland. at noon, your hour by hour forecast shows you we are only
6:59 am
going to be at 60 straight up. 15-20 degrees cooler. 62 on the way to san francisco. 73, los gatos. a comfortable 71 in san jose. if you are heading out the front door, hold up. mike knows what could slow you down. first of all, we will talk about what would start slowing you down. south 680, didn't have any incidents. there was something going on. there was a track here. cleared over the last few. south of 24. coming down to highway 24, sort of debris. we see that slowdown. mostly because of that typical traffic tuesday build through the area. castro valley a little slow. 880 has been an issue ever since we had earlier crashes. it is slow from hayward. >> thank you very much. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we are back.
7:00 am
>> a sich for survivors of the deadly situation in oklahoma. good morning, devastation in oklahoma. president obama set to address the nation on the massive tornado that has decimated moore at any moment. revising the total to at least 24 people early this morning, pulling survivors from mountain of debris. >> i don't know what that lady's name is, but she has three little kids underneath her. good job, teach. >> and the recovery begins, tod today, tuesday, may 21st, 2013.


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